PCU Welcome Party: Fall 2022

Cross Club Plynární 1096, Praha 7Prague,

We are happy to welcome our new and current students to another exciting semester at PCU! This time around, we'd alsolike to invite our graduates and alumni to join us […]

Explore your city: Prague City Architecture Course

PCU, Polská Campus Polska 10Prague 2,

This free introductory course is open to PCU students, alumni and lecturers and consists of 10 classes held on Fridays from 10am till 11.30am at PCU's Polska Campus.

Friday Show: Drawing & Painting

PCU, Polská Campus Polska 10Prague 2,

Painting involves communicating and discovering. Each time we apply colour on a surface we’re expressing our emotions, we’re playing or praying, we’re acting or we’re waiting, we’re thinking or we’re […]

Friday Show: Photoshop

PCU, Polská Campus Polska 10Prague 2,

Students from Foundation Art, Design and Media Practice have been asked to meditate on the annual theme “Media, Post Truth & Reality” and create a poster in photoshop that applies […]

Friday Show: Sculpture & Installation

PCU, Polská Campus Polska 10Prague 2,

For two weeks, Foundation students have been exploring the world of materials, objects and their meaning. On Friday they will present the results of their explorations, material testimonies of their […]

Open Afternoon at PCU

PCU, Polská Campus Polska 10Prague 2,

Take a tour of our Polska campus in Vinohrady and meet with our admissions team who can show you the facilities, classes in action and introduce you to just some […]

Virtual Open Day

Are you interested in finding out about studying at PCU in 2023, but you’re outside of Prague? Then sign up for our Virtual Open Day and meet our Admissions team. […]