Friday Show – Adobe Illustrator

This is the third in the new series of FADM Friday Shows: “You’ve Got Mail!”.

Students from Foundation Art, Design & Media Practice will showcase different regions and worlds via individually designed postcards catering to a design brief presented to them by their lecturer following an intensive Illustrator workshop.

To see their work visit the FADM Instagram account below from 5pm on Friday or drop by PCU’s Polska Campus and check out the works in person in the classrooms opposite the student lounge.

Friday Show – Photoshop

For this exhibition, students have been asked to meditate on the annual theme “Be The Change” and to create a poster in Adobe Photoshop that applies this message to a song of their choice. The theme is a call for action. It is a call for students to wrestle with big questions, to be proactive in engaging with topics and issues they believe in. Problem solving is core to the design thinking process and to artmaking in general and this project is meant to get the students to meditate on the topic in relation to a song that they feel embodies its meaning.
Works will be uploaded to the FADM Instagram page from 5pm. You can also see the work in person at Polska Campus in the rooms opposite the Student Lounge.

Friday Show

Foundation in Art Design and Media Practice students have been learning painting and drawing techniques over the last two weeks.

Using a mix different techniques in order to copy masterpieces that they love.

Check out their work on the FADM Instagram link below from 5pm, or visit the classrooms next to the Student Lounge to see some of their work in person!