Final Show N2: Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice

Our Final Show N2 is right around the corner! ๐ŸŽ‰
For their final works, the students have chosen to address problems they feel are a plague to the status quo.
๐Ÿ’Using the skills they’ve cumulated throughout two semesters they developed their individual styles and have created an array of projects on animal testing, abuse, bullying, thrifting, eating disorders and child labour.
๐ŸŒˆTheir spectrum of solutions is as broad as the topics they’ve picked.
๐Ÿ“You are welcome to visit our website on the 28th of January to see what 15 weeks of back-and-forth research, trial and error have ultimately resulted in!

Friday Show: Animation

Animation allows to work with different materials, techniques and be as creative as you like. FADMP students have been experimenting with three different techniques; 2d, stop-motion and motion graphics. Check out their work and be inspired!

To see the work visit the FADM instagram page from 5pm on Friday, or drop by the rooms opposite the student lounge to see some of the work in progress.

Friday Show: Typography & Adobe InDesign

Can you recall that one piece of desperate advice from your parents, grandma, doctor or friend, that you’ve heard the whole your life? Yet, you’ve never actually followed it, have you?

For better or for worse, the students from the Typography & InDesign class have collected these misfired suggestions and transformed them into typographic compositions. How can we better celebrate their everlasting nature and epic fail?

To see the work visit the FADM instagram page from 5pm on Friday, or drop by the rooms opposite the student lounge to see some of their work in person.

Friday Show: Sculpture & Installation

Check out Foundation Art, Design & Media Practice’s last Friday Show for 2021. The group will be presenting Sculptures & Installation work.

For two weeks, students have been exploring the world of materials, objects and their meaning. They will present the results of their exploration and material testimonies of being in the world. Each student will present a material archive of a memory, be it personal, collective or historical. This will question how do we represent time? How do we archive memories? Can we share our memories and experiences of the world through object and material?

So drop by the Foundation room opposite the student lounge to see the work or view it on the Foundation Art, Design Media Practice Instagram page here.



MA Fine Art Open Studio Exhibition

Five students from the second year of MA Fine Art will have an Open Studio exhibition at Pragovka’sย Velky Salย space.
The opening will be on Thursday 16th December at 18:00 with wine and snacks offered.
The exhibition will then continue again on Friday 17th December from 12:00 untilย 21:00.

Friday Show: Photography

After a short break the Friday Shows have returned. This week Foundation students have been learning all about Photography.

Their exhibition, titledย “Reframing” will showcase their photo-essays and photography work from the past two weeks.

To see the work visit the FADM instagram page or drop by the rooms opposite the student lounge to see some work in person.

Friday Show – Interactive Art

For the past two weeks, students have been exploring how to interact with objects, images, each other and others.

During this Friday Show, you’ll be able to watch documentation of some of the interactive exercises the students have executed – from video triptychs to interactive video walks and performative video installations.

Visit FADM Instagram IGTV from 5pm to see their work.

Friday Show – Sound Design

For the past two weeks we have been exploring the concepts of the infinity of sound, counteracting with a point of reference and a language (musical notation for instance). We have been listening to how sound is a strong mechanism for identity, for control, and therefore it is a strong tool for cultural production. We have created a series of pieces revolving around our own audio-logo (our flag).

The Friday Show will be a short live performance of sound installation that uses a random reproduction system to play short pieces of sounds which intrinsically speaks about our identities, about our memory and our aesthetic as a group.

To see the live performance come to the Student Lounge at our Polska Campus at 5pm. We will also be recording the live results which you can watch and hear on FADM’s Instagram page and PCU’s social media accounts.