Friday Show: Sculpture & Installation

Check out Foundation Art, Design & Media Practice’s last Friday Show for 2021. The group will be presenting Sculptures & Installation work.

For two weeks, students have been exploring the world of materials, objects and their meaning. They will present the results of their exploration and material testimonies of being in the world. Each student will present a material archive of a memory, be it personal, collective or historical. This will question how do we represent time? How do we archive memories? Can we share our memories and experiences of the world through object and material?

So drop by the Foundation room opposite the student lounge to see the work or view it on the Foundation Art, Design Media Practice Instagram page here.



MA Fine Art Open Studio Exhibition

Five students from the second year of MA Fine Art will have an Open Studio exhibition at Pragovka’s Velky Sal space.
The opening will be on Thursday 16th December at 18:00 with wine and snacks offered.
The exhibition will then continue again on Friday 17th December from 12:00 until 21:00.